French for Kids Course Structure

Information and sample lesson plans from our French for kids courses for children to give you an idea of the quality of materials and the scope of learning abilities that we cover.

Our informal and friendly language learning clubs provide the best and safest environment for children to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence. The activities in our classes include storytelling, drama, crafts and many fun songs and games.

LCF Fun Languages school lessons are short and focused whole-class lessons, with engaging and stimulating tasks. They contain opportunities for cross-curricular activities, with regular monitoring and assessment of progress.

Children can start with LCF Fun Languages at any age – our resources are designed so that they can be used for beginners from all age groups up to 100!

The French for Kids Programme

Les tout-petits (5 years and under)

It is your toddlers’ first exposure to the French language. This dynamic programme is packed with action songs, rhymes, games and stories. Our methodology was created for the young learner and makes learning interesting and fun!

Le cours d’apprentissage (5yrs and up)

This is a complete introduction to language learning through a structured approach with interactive games, drama and acting, story telling, fun songs and crafts. Children learn quickly and happily from our method based on communication and expression.

Download a sample lesson from Le cours d’Apprentissage:

Leçon 7 – Le Sandwich

French for Kids | LCF CLUBS NZ | Fun Languages

Le cours d’argent (7yrs and up)

This course is a seamless follow up to Le cours d’apprentissage. Previously learnt language topics are revisited and incorporated to new learning. The variety of activities and built-in differentiation also provide enough flexibility to integrate new learners.

Download a sample lesson from Le cours d’Argent:

Leçon 10 – Les Transports

French for Kids | LCF CLUBS NZ | Fun Languages

Le cours d’or (8yrs and up)

This course is the continuation of Le cours d’argent. The learning process still occurs in a fun and stimulating environment. Le cours d’or offers students the opportunity to acquire a cultural background and the linguistic tools essential for better communication in daily situations.

Download a sample lesson from Le cours d’Or:

Leçon 13 – Dans Mon École

French for Kids | LCF CLUBS NZ | Fun Languages

School lessons: A la petite école and A l’école avec le Club Français

This course is designed to be an introduction to French. It follows the Modern Foreign Languages framework for Key Stage 2. It is packed with fun and interactive activities as well as simple techniques to bring French lessons to life. It leads on to any course at Key Stage 3.

Simplified versions of the A l’école courses are available to buy for non-specialist teachers in our primary foreign language resources shop.


  • Le théâtre pour rire du Club Français
    Learn French through Drama! Children are progressively introduced to drama techniques as well as French vocabulary and structures. The drama projects culminate with performances for parents or in schçools.
  • Les fêtes de l’année
    ‘A year of celebrations’. Themed material introducing cultural activities and festivals from France. Children may know about some of these celebrations already, but many will be interested to learn how differently they are celebrated in France.
  • Cours de Vacances – Nöel, Pâques, Eté
    Short courses with themed material (Christmas, Easter, Summer) aimed at all ages and abilities.
  • Le cours maxi
    A consolodation course for mixed ability groups. Drawing mainly from foundation level material, with a mix of themes to keep children interested.
  • Le course d’etoile
    A course designed for older students starting at beginners level. A structured course with various learning activities to help motivate and engage learners.
  • Camps d’Eté
    A summer holiday day camp course with fun activities with a French theme.


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