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Marianella Aquirre

About Me

HOLA!!  My name is Marianella.  I’m a graphic designer, illustrator of children books and I teach Spanish to young children.

I was born in Venezuela, but spent 10 years in New Zealand before moving to Spain.  I recently relocated back to NZ, where my heart is happiest.

I have so many hobbies, but my passion is teaching children.

I combine my expertise in drawing, painting and handcrafts as an aide in teaching my students Spanish.  Opening a child’s creativeness through play and fun is the most amazing experience!





See a language class in action – come along with your child for a free trial lesson.  Fun  Spanish classes for Kids!

About Fun Languages

After school care that is educational and fun! The activities in our structured courses are stimulating and engaging. They include storytelling, drama, crafts and many fun songs and games.

Our informal and friendly classes or clubs provide the best and safest environment for children to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Spanish Clubs

Our language clubs have an annual membership pack which includes a CD, songbook, an annual subscription to our online language learning app called BABELZONE, reward stickers and an end of year certificate of completion.

The annual sibling pack includes a Handbook, a BABELZONE subscription, reward stickers and certificate of completion.

Individual Pack $50.00 / Sibling Pack $25.00

Marianella is a joy to deal with, she is always positive and enthusiastic, both in and out of the classroom. Marianella comes with a wealth of experience and this really comes through in her teaching of the children at my centre. This term we have even more demand for Marianella’s Spanish Classes and this is because of the fun the children have and the value that parents see in children attending the classes. I would recommend Marianella to anyone looking for a Spanish Teacher.  Jason Alexander, Skids, Kristin School, Auckland.