Start a Business with Fun Languages

Ever dreamed of owning your own business, doing what you are passionate about and using your existing experience and skills?


Business Opportunities for Motivated and Well-Organised Individuals who are Passionate about Languages, Children and Education.

Whether or not you speak another language, our proven franchise model will guide you create a profitable, rewarding and flexible business that will allow you to work around your family commitments.

Even if you work entirely from home or choose to also do some of the teachings yourself, you will become part of a network of inspiring linguists and educators.

Profitable, flexible, rewarding, fun! Work FOR yourself, not BY yourself.

Why do people buy an LCF Fun Languages Franchisee?  Who are they?

Our existing franchisees are a diverse and wonderful team of well-organised, dedicated language enthusiasts, looking to develop skills in business and other areas.   Some are qualified language professionals and experienced teachers, some are native speakers who want to share their language and culture.  ALL are passionate about children’s education and languages.

  • Stay-at-home mums looking for opportunities to work from home or return to work.  Our top-performing franchisees do not speak another language!
  • Native or near-native speakers of French, Spanish, Italian, German or Mandarin Chinese who want to USE their language.
  • French teachers, Spanish teachers, German teachers, Italian teachers, Mandarin teachers, ESOL teachers.
  • Looking for professionally-developed language teaching materials for 2-12 year olds at all levels. Opportunities to teach adults are also available.
  • Are passionate about languages and children and we provide an ongoing training program to support them.
  • Want to further develop teaching skills.
  • Want to develop their organisational, business and/or sales and marketing skills.
  • Want the flexible and lifestyle opportunities that business ownership provides.

We are very proud of our team of dedicated and passionate language entrepreneurs, all of whom are committed to ensuring that children are given the opportunity to experience the cognitive benefits and freedom that come with early language learning.

Become An LCF Fun Languages Franchisee and Start a Business of your own

Key Features of the Fun Languages Franchise
  • Minimal Investment from $2,000 NZ Dollars
  • Maximum Returns
  • Help and Support with Marketing 
  • Business Set-up Support
  • Teaching Programmes and Resources – Teach FrenchTeach Spanish 
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A LCF Fun Languages Franchise is an unique opportunity to manage a business from home. Our franchise operators are a diverse and wonderful team of well-organised, dedicated language enthusiasts or business individuals, who have created a rewarding and flexible business. They are qualified language professionals, experienced teachers, native speakers who have wanted to share their language and culture and/or individuals wanting to manage a business in the area of children’s education.

LCF Clubs Franchise Information:

LCF Clubs was established in 1985 to teach French and Spanish to young learners. Every week, hundreds of children, in NZ and thousands of children around the world attend LCF Clubs. LCF’s innovative methodology has been used to create proven teacher friendly resources for pre-school, breakfast, lunch or after  school clubs. Everything is designed to stimulate children’s natural desire to learn. Besides Le Club Français and El Club Español we also offer Mandarin, German and Italian.

Each week children take part in a balanced mix of games, songs, role-plays, crafts and story-telling, in secure and friendly environments all over the country!

Children who become club members receive CDs and songbooks, Certificates, and Stickers and access to Babelzone (French and Spanish) or Englishzone worth $145.00 dollars.

Babelzone and Englishzone are fun, interactive websites created by LCF for teachers and children. They contain over 300 songs, animated stories and games which children can use at home to enhance the learning experience. No competitor has this available for children. That’s why, given the choice, parents choose LCF Clubs.

For a very minimal investment you can start your own business.

The set up cost includes:

  • All set-up support, including marketing and business support, and ongoing teacher training for you or your teachers
  • All teaching materials including your LCF Curriculum (lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets, games, etc.)
  • Public liability insurance
  • Marketing materials (posters, leaflets, flyers & national email campaigns)
  • LCF (Your Location) Website 
  • Facebook (Your Location) – marketing
  • Full FREE access to Babelzone our interactive online teaching tool with 300+ activities
  • Access to Babelzone for every member of your language clubs!   inc. stickers and certificates
  • Downloadable songs for the kids to support their learning


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