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French in Queenstown & Arrowtown

LCF Fun Languages has developed a sequential teaching and learning programme from as early as pre-school to Year 8.  We are well placed to deliver exciting and engaging language programmes in Childcare Centres and Schools in New Zealand. Cultural elements are integrated into our Fun Languages Programme, to create a complete multi-lingual and multi-cultural package, which can be tailored to the needs of the children involved.

Our great team of teachers are specifically trained to:

  • Give children the self-confidence to communicate naturally and spontaneously in a foreign language.
  • Encourage a good accent and a wide, everyday vocabulary.
  • Show children that learning a language can be recreational and fun!
  • Encourage an understanding and awareness of a foreign culture. 

I am from France, I was born in Normandie. I have been in New Zealand for 17 years. In 1996 I started to teach French to adults and in 1998 began to be part of LCF Fun languages for children. After all these years I am still enjoying teaching. I met my Kiwi husband in France and have 3 adorable children.

I am passionate about sharing my love of France by offering classes at a school near you.  Take a look at the classes on offer in French in Queenstown and Arrowtown by following the link below.

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The LCF methodology has been carefully designed to help children start from scratch and make their way to proficiency at their own pace. Our learning programme is also great for children who already have some knowledge of the language and wish to maintain it and expand it.

All language lessons follow a carefully designed structure, which will ensure that the children can start using the target languages quickly and naturally. LCF Fun Languages’ communicative approach (communicational method) includes a wide range of activities to cover all learning styles.

Our lessons include:

  •     Lively games
  •     Quiet games
  •     Music and songs
  •     Drama and role play
  •     Many fun activity sheets

Through the sessions the children will learn in a variety of ways:

  •     To participate in a group
  •     To share and take turns
  •     Concentration and listening skills

As a result, they will:

  •     Increase their confidence
  •     Improve their language skills
  •     Be aware of their cultural heritage and those of others

These objectives are achieved whilst having fun in a stimulating and imaginative environment.