Learn Spanish Online – What is Babelzone?

Here at LCF Clubs we pride ourselves in addressing the needs of Spanish language teachers and learners alike. BABELZONE is an online resource full of hundreds of animated stories, songs, interactive games and printable worksheets organised in clear and practical units. Babelzone has been designed to help make learning or teaching Spanish an entertaining experience. Originally created for use in our after-school Spanish clubs, Babelzone is now used in classrooms internationally.

We understand that learning a new language can be an intimidating exercise, but with Babelzone we wanted to give Spanish learners the chance to learn Spanish online in a fun and enjoyable way. The Spanish resources in Babelzone are concise, uncomplicated and humorous, allowing kids to easily learn phrases or vocabulary without trying too hard. Babelzone uses ‘gamification’ to engage Spanish learners, so that learning Spanish is enjoyable and rewarding. Babelzone is well suited for ‘flipped classroom’ lessons and ‘blended learning’. With a school subscription or membership at one of our language clubs, kids can learn Spanish online from home as well as in the classroom.

Learn Spanish Online with Babelzone activities:

Dialogues for learning Spanish online

Spanish Dialogues

These are a mixture of animated conversations, and question/answer format discussions. Using a variety of characters, responses and scenarios, with play and pause buttons for ease of use. Voiced by native Spanish speakers.

Songs for learning Spanish online

Spanish Songs

A mixture of traditional Spanish songs, and new original music of our own. We have created popular tunes with humorous animations, our songs are designed to be remembered! Each animation has text shown (text can be hidden in some songs). Lyrics for each song can also be downloaded as a PDF file.

Stories for learning Spanish online

Spanish Stories

Some traditional well known stories (for example Jack and the Beanstalk / Juanito y las habichuelas mágicas) and some new hand-crafted tales, each one animated in Spanish with our unique sense of humour. Complementary activities are included for most of the Spanish stories. Animated stories are a wonderful resource for introducing new Spanish vocabulary contextually.

Vocabulary for learning Spanish online

Spanish Vocabulary

Interactive animations and activities with images of Spanish vocabulary for each thematic section. Pictures are accompanied by spoken words and text, with Spanish native voices.

Games for learning Spanish online

Spanish Games

Each interactive game is linked to a story, song or dialogue in Spanish. There are various different kinds of games. Most are suitable for use with an interactive whiteboard for whole class learning, some are more suited to individual spanish learners. Here are some examples of the interactive Spanish games you will find in Babelzone: matching pairs, naughts & crosses, drag and drop, hangman, ‘click and shoot’ games.

Oral activities for learning Spanish online

Spanish resources for oral activities

Juniorzone Spanish contains flashcards and online activities that can be used for speaking and inspiring conversation. In Babelzone Spanish you will find flashcards, displays, labelling activities and many more.

Tests and quizzes for learning Spanish online

Spanish Tests and quizzes

Using different formats quizzes and tests are important for assessment when learning a language. Our Spanish tests contain a mixture of listening, reading and writing. The quizzes are in many different formats, multiple choice, gap fill, drag and drop, memory games. Babelzone can help you assess your progress learning Spanish.

Worksheets for learning Spanish online

Spanish Printable activities

Babelzone contains a number of PDF files that are linked to our online Spanish activities. These include transcripts of dialogues, lyrics for songs, and worksheets to complement the themed activities.

MP3s for learning Spanish online

Spanish MP3 sound bites

When you buy a subscription to Babelzone you also receive access to a library of downloadable MP3 files of dialogues. Spoken by native Spanish speakers, these are found in each themed unit.

Babelzone Spanish is organised into three main sections:

  • Para los peques – aimed at very young Spanish learners
  • Babelzone main – aimed at primary KS1-KS2 level Spanish learners
  • Juniorzone – aimed at secondary level learners, with intermediate level Spanish.

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Para los peques

In the ‘Para los peques’ section of Babelzone you can find activities for very young children (approximately ages 3-5). The activities are bright, fun, simple and engaging. Aimed at children who are using Babelzone as a supplement to the ‘Los Peques’ clubs or Spanish lessons at school. In ‘Para los peques’ parents will be able to find a variety of activities that they can use to help kids learn Spanish online. ‘Para los peques’ is organised into activity areas: Stories, Songs, Games, Activities to print, and Spanish soundbites.

The activities include:

Recitos de oro y los tres osos
Ricitos de oro y los tres osos
(Goldilocks and the Three Bears)
A short story about a little girl
who visits a bears house
and causes a nuisance.
El bocadillo - making a sandwich in Spanish
El bocadillo
(The sandwich)
A funny childrens song teaching
the names of ingredients.
This song is great for singing
while making lunch!
Learn Spanish online with Babelzone
Sombreros de carnaval
(Carnival hats)
A game about dressing up!
Match the various hats with
their correct owners.
Which hat belongs to ‘el marinero’?

Babelzone for KS1 & KS2

Babelzone for teaching Spanish to KS1 and KS2 is organised into 26 topic units, based around the original MFL QDCA scheme of work for Modern Foreign Languages from 2009. Each of these units contains songs, stories, games, printable workhseets, phonics and MP3 downloads for children to learn Spanish online.

The Babelzone topic units are:

    1. Todo sobre mí (All about me) – Learn how to talk about yourself, your family and other people. An introduction to basic phrases such as ‘¿Cómo estás?’.
    2. Juegos y canciones (Songs and Games) – Using simple music to learn numbers and play familiar games.
    3. Tengamos una fíesta (Celebrations) – Learning about parties, Spanish fiestas, celebrations and special occasions.
Babelzone topic units to learn Spanish online
  1. Retratos (Portraits) – Learn the names for the main parts of the human body in Spanish, and also colours in Spanish.
  2. Animales (Animals) – Children learn to describe animals. The playful story ‘Los músicos de Bremen’ can be found in this unit, along with other activities.
  3. ¡Crece! (Growing things) – This unit is about plants and vegetables. You can read the story of Juanito y las habichuelas (Jack and the Beanstalk) in this unit.
  4. ¡Vamos! (All aboard) – Learn about travelling and days of the week in Spanish. Meet ‘El espía José’ (our Spanish spy) in this unit.
  5. Dinero de bolsillo (Pocket money) – Kids learn about numbers and money in Spanish. They discover what they could buy with their pocket money.
  6. Cuéntame un cuento (Tell me a story) – This unit teaches sounds and spellings using traditional stories such as ‘La Bella durmiente’ (Sleeping Beauty), ‘El sapo cantarín’ (The singing toad) and others.
  7. ¡Vivan los deportes! (Sport) – Kids learn about sport and game vocabulary in Spanish. Play a game with football shirts and revise numbers ‘Camisetas de fútbol y números’.
  8. El carnaval de los animales (The Carnival of Animals) – Children learn about how to describe animal characteristics, and also how to tell the time in Spanish.
  9. ¿Qué tiempo hace? (What’s the weather like?) – This unit teaches how to describe the weather, seasons, and clothing in Spanish.
  10. Buena comida, buena salud (Good appetite, good health) – Children learn some food and health vocabulary in Spanish. Sing along to ‘El tren
    Chu-chú’, along with other activities.
  11. Soy el hombre orquesta (I am the musician) – Children learn the names of different musical instruments, and practise talking about the types of music they like. Sing along to ‘Si toco la trompeta’ among many other activities.
  12. De camino al colegio – Children learn and revise the alphabet, directions and time in Spanish.
  13. Arte en la playa – This unit is about art and holidays. Children learn about some famous French artists, and there are some artistic activities as well!
  14. Las estaciones – This unit is about the four seasons. Children learn how to talk about each season in Spanish with songs, poems and stories.
  15. Los planetas – Children learn the names of the planets in Spanish and revise time, months, and days of the week.
  16. Nuestro colegio – This unit contains revision of time and routine, and children can learn the names of rooms at school in Spanish.
  17. Nuestro mundo – This unit is for learning about places and cultures around the world. Learn how Spanish people say the different countries in Europe, and watch some stories from other cultures, such as ‘Anansí la araña’ (Jamaican/West African tale).
  18. Una cafetería – In this unit children learn about ordering food in Spanish.
  19. Antes y ahora – This unit focuses on learning how to compare the past and the present in Spanish, with some revision of places.
  20. En el parque de atracciones – This unit contains revision of time and numbers up to 100 in Spanish, with activities and presentations about games and travel.
  21. ¿Qué hay de nuevo? – Learning about vocabulary from news articles, current events, time, and emergencies.
  22. Historias de todo el mundo – A special unit containing stories in Spanish from around the world, researched and collated by our spy ‘José’ and his sidekick ‘Ana’.
  23. Las fiestas del año – This unit contains various activities which you can use to celebrate different holidays and festivals in Spanish, including Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and others…


Spanish secondary language resources

If you are teaching secondary Spanish with Juniorzone you’ll find it easy to find what you want. Secondary students can learn Spanish online with a wide variety of interactive resources. Juniorzone is arranged into 12 themed areas:

Spanish greetings dialogue in Juniorzone
¿Cómo está usted, Señora Azul? – Kit de supervivencia,
Juniorzone secondary Spanish
Kit de supervivencia
A ‘Surival kit’ containing basic greetings and dialogues in Spanish for example, starting with ‘¡Hola Señor Verde!’ and going through other basic areas like numbers 1-100, spelling names, writing phone numbers, telephone greetings and more.
Yo y los demás
Activities about describing yourself and other people. ‘Estoy mal. Estoy triste.’
En casa, con mi familia y algunos animales
Go here for activities about homes, families and animals in Spanish. ‘¿Dónde vives?’
El mundo y su diversidad cultural
This unit contains activities about the world and cultures. Here you can find many animated stories from around the world, spoken by a Spanish native. Each story also has complementary activities such as flashcards or games. For example, ‘Anansí la araña’ a traditional African story, is accompanied by a vocabulary structure sheet (verbs and adjectives) and a PDF transcript.

The following units are currently in progress.

Una comida sana para una vida sana
A unit containing activities about food and eating out.
Mi vida en el Colegio
Learn about high school life in this unit.
En la ciudad; en el campo, El medio ambiente
This unit is full of activities about the city, the country, and the environment.
Mis aficiones y deportes
Here you can find activities about sports, leisure and hobbies in Spanish.
¿Cómo se escribe?
Video resources now in Juniorzone.
He viajado, Voy a viajar, Mis vacaciones
This unit contains activities about holidays.
He comprado Voy a comprar
In this unit you can learn Spanish online with activities that are themed about work, shopping and community.
Juntos celebramos
This unit is where you go if you want to learn online about Spanish celebrations.
Recursos para enseñar español en otro partes del Curriculum
This unit has been created for those who wish to combine study of another subject whilst learning Spanish online.

As well as the themed units described above, Juniorzone Spanish also contains units focusing on ‘Gramática’ and ‘Fonética’. We are also arranging our activities into units based on the activity itself, such as ‘Canciones’, ‘Cuentos y diálogos’, ‘Vocabulario’ and ‘Exámenes’.

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We hope you enjoy using Babelzone Spanish as much as we enjoy creating it!