Schools Thrilled with LCF Foreign Languages for kids courses.

Fun Languages have been teaching French as a second language at Richmond Road School for several years now.  They’ve made it really easy for us to offer extra-curricular French language programmes to our children not enrolled in L’Archipel, our French bilingual section.  LCF have a fun yet practical approach to their lessons which makes them highly engaging for children.  Our children love the variety of activities they participate in during their French lessons.  I would     highly recommend LCF to other schools.   Stephanie Anich, Principal, Richmond Road School


Mapua School

Mapua School is thrilled to have the opportunity to offer french language lessons via the French Club and its skilled tutor Aline Lefevre. Children and families have taken up this opportunity with enthusiasm and Aline has provided her students with interesting learning opportunities and materials. Long may this opportunity exist for Mapua School and community members.Neil Chalmers, Principal, Mapua School

Fun Languages at Wakatipu High School

I strongly support Nathalie Minard teaching French to primary and intermediate school students in the Wakatipu region. Students who had the opportunity to be taught by Nathalie in their primary school years do extremely well in French at Wakatipu High School.  Nathalie is knowledgeable of the NZ Curriculum for French and therefore is able to teach students at the right level. Her programmes allow students to build their own learning and to reach their potential while enjoying learning a language such as French. It is without a doubt that I do recommend Nathalie as a French teacher for the local primary schools in Queenstown as this will provide students with the necessary tools  and competencies to excel in learning languages.  Mr Guillaume Charton- HoLA Languages – TiC French

 Thriving in French

Aline Lefèvre at Mapua school is a delightful teacher. The children seem to love their french lessons. My son does, he is thriving in Alines stimulating, relaxed class and loves soaking up the French words. Aline make the classes fun. I think learning another language is a beautiful investment.  I am so glad Aline is teaching at Mapua school.      Parent

New found confidence

“I was not aware but one child in my French group was dyslexic and lacked self confidence because of this …….. I didn’t know this until her mum came and thanked me at the end of term and said that she had become almost a different child and was full of confidence and enthusiasm ! It had made a huge impact to her and her whole family!”

Passionate about Mandarin

Mandarin Language Teacher | LCF Clubs


Jessica always comes prepared with activities  the children enjoy. All children have an opportunity to participate in the class. We look forward to coming to the lesson each week.   Jan – Parent

French at Mealtimes

“We now have French at breakfast, lunch and dinner …”

“….. I would really like to take this opportunity to let you know how happy and thrilled we have been with the LCF teaching. We now have French at breakfast lunch and dinner and as a Mum I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. LCF Fun Languages lessons are play-based.  The children enjoy them so much that their foreign language acquisition comes, seemingly, effortlessly.  They have also picked up a lot of cultural understanding from the extremely fun and respectful teachers.”     Lee, mother of of Erin and Sebastian age 8 and 3

Joyeux Noël

Heidi – Wellington, NZ – “… wanted to say a huge thank you …”

“I am Emma’s mum and wanted to say a huge thank you for inspiring Emma at her French lessons every Tuesday. I asked Emma last Tuesday how her first day back at daycare was (after a two-month break), and she replied: ‘Good, Annick gave me a big hug’. She also packed her ‘Bonjour, salut, ca va’ CD for our trip, and amused the businessman who sat next to us on the flight back by teaching him animal names in French and hopping along the aisle like a little lapin!

Prue, Wellington “I highly recommend LCF Fun Languages as an excellent start …”

“My daughter Olivia started learning French with LCF Fun Languages when she was eight years old and it continues to be one of her strongest subjects at the age of 14. I firmly believe that the fun environment, along with emphasis on correct pronunciation, grammar and practical everyday language provided my daughter with a solid base for her secondary study.  I studied French for five years and travelled around France for a month and still cannot speak as well as she does. I highly recommend LCF Fun Languages as an excellent start to learning this beautiful language.” ( Prue Payne, mother of Olivia, aged 14. Wellington, New Zealand).

Nicky, Lower Hutt … “Jagger just loves it and just wants to keep listening to it”

“Thanks for putting the cd in my letterbox.  Jagger just loves it and just wants to keep listening to it.  And he knows some of the songs from our tout-petits class and sings them”.                    Nicky, mum of 2 year old Jagger from the Eastbourne pre-school French group