2017 Fun French in Eastbourne and Lower Hutt


We do lots of drama, here we are acting out action words we have just learnt and see if the rest of the class can guess it in French:  chanter!  singing! Here two of us are acting out chanter – singing!

Combien mesures-tu? We had  a lot of fun learning how to measure each other using French!

Les truffes au chocolat – chocolate truffles,made by the class, using French cooking language, that is words like meler – mix, fair fondre – melt, and mesurer – measure.  And of course manger – eat.  Délicieux!


We learn while enjoying fun activities – games, drama, music and singing, also cooking and creative and craft activities.  Children start speaking French from the first lesson.  Lessons include maintaining what they already know and then adding to that with learning new material.

Here is what some parents are saying:

” I just wanted to let you know Milla is having such a great time in your class – thanks so much! – Best, Hillery (Milla’s Mom), Eastbourne

” Thanks for the update Stefi. Rebecca certainly enjoyed decorating the pain d’epices! Cheers, Fiona”, Eastbourne

“Hi Stefi, I’m really glad Rhiannon is enjoying French. She wanted to know how to say “I don’t like”  in French at dinner last night, then told us – “Je n’aime pas les carrottes”! So she’s obviously getting something out of it! Cheers, Arwel, Lower Hutt

“The children really enjoy going to French lessons because it is done in a fun, nurturing environment.  Playing games, trying French food, listening to French language music and colouring pictures with French words and themes makes for interesting and varied lessons, with a lovely, knowledgeable teacher.  All the best, Lisa”, Lower Hutt