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Training over three terms – one day immersions

2017 Ready for the classroom? We offer an all inclusive programme of lesson plans, training and resources.   

$1,500 total cost for 3 days including lunch (see dates below) and REGISTER your interest here.

Asia NZ Foundation welcomes applications from teachers interested in our training course. Follow the link for more deta

     Workshop Dates:

Choose one date from each module to complete the required three module training. Lunch Included
  Module 1     5th May
Module 2   Friday 9th June
           Module 3   Friday 25th August


Teaching language at primary level, especially Mandarin Chinese, has been an unsupported and underdeveloped area in New Zealand schools until recently. If taught inadequately, Mandarin can be assumed as a difficult language to learn for both adults and children and people can easily give up. However, when language is taught in a fun, communicative and effective way, where children can feel success and progress in their own language learning, it can be motivating and beneficial to all.  We aim to introduce teachers to the important aspects of teaching Chinese as well as the fun language teaching     methodology.

Classroom Mandarin 2017 Teach Chinese | Mandarin PD | Classroom Mandarin | Mandarin Resources

  • Using up to date pedagogy and research of modern language teaching techniques and lessons.
  • Our trainers share their knowledge from over 20 years experience of tried and tested language teaching methodologies at the primary level.
  • We can offer you a comprehensive and motivating programme for your teachers that will ensure your Chinese language programme is simple, fun, and achievable for your teachers and primary students.

Classroom Mandarin 2017 lcf fun languages | Teach Chinese | Chinese in the classroom | Mandarin resourcesCourse content:

A content module for beginner foundation level 1 with comprehensive unit plans, suggestions for resources, and links to video and audio clips

An extensive range of practical interactive activities and ideas designed to give teachers and students confidence to use the language in the classroom

Chinese lessons in intercultural communication and practical Chinese language you need to know and use for classroom use, instruction and management. Discussion and practical ideas of how to utilise a language assistant in the classroom in a team teaching approach.

Schedule: – Module 1                        


  • Introduction to Mandarin and Chinese language – What distinguishes it from other languages?
  • Fun Languages Methodology
  • Basic Mandarin: What Chinese do you know? – introduction of important phrases and expressions
  • Fun Languages Module 1 – comprehensive summary through practical activities and introduction to Chinese including introduction to tones, pinyin, characters (written and oral literacy)
  • Resources available to use and how to utilise them effectively – i.e. Mandarin language assistants, Ministry resources, internet, youtube clips


This professional development would provide students and staff with a comprehensive Chinese language programme with lesson plans and resources to build a solid foundation for learning Mandarin.  Using the fun languages methodology, resources and suggested games and activities as a guideline, next steps can be easily built upon.   We are happy to personalise the programme to your school context and teacher’s needs and will do our best to ensure your teachers and students’ get the best possible outcomes for Chinese language.