Chinese Flashcards Pets


Chinese Flashcards for the classroom – Pets

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Chinese Flashcards Pets

$87.50 to include postage within New Zealand

For overseas purchasers please contact prior to ordering

Animals Resource Set

Rabbit, mouse, horse, goldfish, dog, cat, tùzi, láoshǔ, mǎ, jīnyǘ, gǒu, māo, 兔子, 老鼠, 马, 金鱼, 狗,

Large Flashcards

Large A5 flashcards 400g gloss laminated, images with character and pinyin at the back

White board cards

Smaller laminated flashcards for whiteboard and game use. 9x 8.5 cm, Images, characters and pinyin. 18 cards in total

Matching cards

A7 Matching cards Laminated, 10.5cm x 8xm, Images and pinyin, images and pinyin, 5 colours in one set

Bingo cards

4 pictures on each card, 30 in a set, 28 x 6 cm. 15 character bingo cards, 15 image bingo cards

Go Fish Cards

5 sets of playing cards in 5 different colours, 6cm x 5 cm. Images only

Please ask us for details of individual packs (can be sold separately)

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