It’s the FUN way to learn Mandarin for kids!

We offer a range of Mandarin Chinese courses for children from 2 -12 years.

Our Mandarin for Kids course follows a carefully designed structure that gets your child USING the language quickly & naturally.

LCF Fun language clubs understand that Mandarin can be a challenging language but the children demonstrate how easy it can be. They naturally listen and repeat the language and are eager to get started in games and activities.  Using this new found knowledge gives them the confidence and eagerness for more.

LCF clubs Fun Languages has a sequential Mandarin Program that reflects the key requirements of the NZ curriculum.  We are engaged in up to date teaching training and enhancing the pedagogy in the classroom and in our clubs.

Our LCF clubs fun language teachers are native speakers and engage the children in real and authentic language.  The first step in language acquisition is the listening and understanding and then the copying.  Children use their own natural intuition to soak up the language and have not inhibitions.

Our classes are small so that the children can have lots of exposure to the language.

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  • Mandarin Chinese lessons for pre-school kids
    LCF Fun Languages offers a specialised program for use in pre-schools and kindergartens.
    Children love our fun approach with games, songs and other lively activities.
  • Mandarin Chinese Holiday Programs
    Immerse your child in a wonderful cultural and language experience – without the airfare!
  • Before or after-school Mandarin Chinese Clubs
    A great option for primary aged children. Our clubs can be organised at your school and provide a fun, safe and “brain boosting” after-school activity.
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