It’s the FUN way to learn German for kids!

We offer a range of German courses for kids 2-12 yrs

German for kids courses follow a carefully designed structure that gets your child USING the language quickly & naturally.

Learning to read and write doesn’t start in pre-school of the first year of school.  Developing language and literacy skills begins at birth through everyday loving interactions—sharing books, telling stories, singing songs, and talking to one another.

LCF Fun Languages programs provide children with a safe and fun environment to explore a new language.  They soon realize that they can use the language for good use, taking part in lots of fun activities.

Our language clubs play a very important role in preparing young children for future language success and enable them to understand not just the new language but their own language too.  They will learn language skills which will help them to become self-confident and motivated language learners.

The emphasis is on fun and with small groups of children they have plenty of opportunity to use the German language.

  • Before or after-school German for Kids Club
    A great option for primary aged children. Our clubs can be organised at your school and provide a fun, safe and “brain boosting” after-school activity.
  • German lessons for preschool kids
    LCF Fun Languages offers a specialised program for use in pre- schools and kindergartens.  Children love our fun approach with games, songs and other lively activities.
  • German for Kids Holiday Programs
    Immerse your child in a wonderful cultural and language experience – without the airfare!

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LCF Clubs Methodology – what we do and how we do it.

 Testimonials – read what other parents are saying.

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