Classroom Chinese – including lesson plans and resources

Our Professional Development for Chinese is proving successful.  At our meetings we ask for feedback from the teachers.We invite them to write anonymously as we want some really robust comments about our programme.  Always setting out to improve what we offer and provide classroom teachers with all the help they need.

Asia New Zealand Foundation welcomes applications for the following: – 

Link:  Professional Development Funding for Teaching Chinese.


Our programme reflects the key requirements of level 1 and 2 of the New Zealand Curriculum.

Our methodology is based on the natural acquisition of language.

I really enjoyed today’s lessons as it gave me the insight into the mandarin language and how to approach the lessons. I was quite nervous, not now that I have a structured lesson plan, and with the help of an assistant, I feel more confident to embark on this journey.  Suggestion: – may be a bit more moving around/interactions.  However, I realise we were restricted by time.

We now offer additional workshops to cover hands on use of resources and participation in activities. 

“Thank you for a fantastic introduction for teaching Chinese at our school – helpful  plans, games and supporting resources” Jo 

Great introduction, making it less stressful, less of a worry about starting Mandarin in class – some good ideas and what to include – different games etc” Question – What happens beyond Term 1 – are you having another course in Term 2?” Tania

” Thanks so much for an informative and practical day”. Planning has been most helpful as is the great list of resources”

“It was good to have the cultural aspect and customs and traditions.”

“Great length and balance of activities during morning and afternoon sessions.”

“Good timing for people that had to travel.”

“Good to acknowledge the varying levels of language abilities within the group and the supportive atmosphere.” Jeanette

“Very valuable efficient workshop – will participate again”

more ideas and resources for teaching correct pronunciation and sounds”   now available

“Art activities” we are working on a cultural programme

“Ideas for drama, calligraphy, dance, culture etc”