International Languages Week

International Languages Week

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International Languages Week – Let’s Celebrate!

LCF Fun Languages New Zealand – Join us at our Fun Language Clubs

French,  Spanish, German, Mandarin, and English



1) You love the idea of speaking another language – it’s so cool!

2) You understand that we should be open and receptive to others and we can demonstrate how welcoming we are by learning to speak another language.

3) You can travel and explore the world.

4) It’s a great way to meet new people and discover new places.

5) Your friends will be so impressed!

6) Learning another language is also about language learning skills.

7) It will help you understand your own language.

7) You will develop the four language skills:  listening, reading, speaking and writing.

8)  Speaking another language increases your brain capacity and helps with brain memory.

9) You will learn about new topics such as sport, food, entertainment, fashion, shopping…

10) It’s an impressive achievement to speak a foreign language and you’ll have better options for your future