French Holiday Programme

This holiday programme has been cancelled for now – I need to find another venue as St Michaels`s isn’t available.

Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 April 

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The theme for this holiday program will be Easter and being able to describe a person

We will be playing Guess Who

Making Easter Cards


Lollipop Biscuits

Treasure Hunt


Hot Chocolate Game

Lots of fun games all in French!

Details of our Holiday Programmes

 Times:  9 am* to 3.00 pm*

*Early drop off from 8.30 am and late pick ups by prior arrangement (additional fees may apply)

Costs:  $110 per day 

Venue: St Michael`s Catholic School, 6 Beatrice Rd, Remuera

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Did you ever think that children`s language classes could be fun and easy?

Think again.

Our Holiday programs are a must because …

* There is nothing better than being immersed in the language that you are learning.

* The days are safe, fun yet educational.

* They will be learning through lots of children`s games and activities making learning fun and easy.  Give your child a chance to be a Global Citizen and be passionate about language learning.

* Our teachers are experienced and passionate language teachers.  Your child will be speaking in a perfect accent in no time!

* There will be arts and crafts and cooking in the target language.  Cooking and eating, miam, miam c’est bon!

Our holiday programmes include “Festivals and Celebrations in that country” and  “Going on Holiday in that country”.  Our program and themes will depend on the level of the students that enrol.

Tel:  021 251 7435

What do Schools have to say about LCF Fun Languages?

“LCF Fun Languages have been teaching French as a second language at Richmond Road School for several years now.  They`ve made it easy for us to offer extra-curricular French language programmes to our children not enrolled in L`Archipel, our French bilingual section.  LCF have a fun yet practical approach to their lessons which makes them highly engaging for children.  Our children love the variety of activities they participate in during their French lessons.  I would highly recommend LCF Fun Languages to other schools.”

Stephanie Anich, Principal, Richmond Road School